Kava Labs Teamed Up With BNB48 Club to Increase BNB DeFi Awareness Level

By Warren Hayes | August 18, 2020

Kava Labs has reportedly disclosed details regarding its newly formed collaboration with the BNB investor club – BNB48. 

Specifically, the well-known platform reportedly revealed that via the partnership, BNB48 will be taking up the responsibility of providing technical consultation to the Kava community, as well as different other services, nominally professional product reviews and technical consulting services for Kava’s Chinese validators, staking users, and lending platform users.

As for Kava Labs, it will reportedly collaborate with BNB48 to increase the awareness level of BNB DeFi opportunities, as well as providing support to BNB48 Club to grow the existing pool of community members associating with DeFi. Kava Labs will delegate a validator from BNB48.

Kava Labs and BNB48 Club have reportedly worked with each other in the past, where BNB48 Club was among the first users to experience the Kava lending platform. 

Following the acquisition of mandate from BNB48’ Board of Directors, BNB48 Club reportedly joined the  Kava CDP platform and the USDX00 instrument.

Kava Labs has reportedly rolled out facilitating support for BNB as an extra asset to offer BNB holders with the largest returns.

BNB holders will reportedly also be able to BNB on the Kava CDP platform and draw USDX, Kava’s stablecoin, apart from generating coin extra bonuses in the protocol.

Currrently, both parties will reportedly focus on setting up a long-term future collaboration, to make the most of value of BNB ecosystems, and amp up the DeFi services available to the BNB ecosystem.

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