Kraken Introduced New iOS and Android-compatible Version of Kraken Futures

By Chris Torres | November 23, 2019

Kraken – the major digital coin exchange headquartered in San Francisco – has reportedly rolled out an updated version of Kraken Future trading app, specifically for Android and iOS. 

Via blog post on November 21, Kraken publicly announced the arrival of its mobile-based trading tool – Kraken Futures – previously developed and used on web browsers following the Cryptofacilities acquisition. The new version will be compatible to both iOS and Android. 

Kraken Futures is a digital assets derivatives-focused, professional trading site, which facilitates long and short digital assets transactions with nearly 50x leverage, and at the same time provide spot-futures market transfers. 

The freshly rolled out tool will also come with a QR code, which helps enhance the log-in procedure, as well as live order book and price charts tracking, open positions and open orders management, along with numerous other features. 

Moreover, a proportion of 30% out of Kraken revenue share of net fees will be dedicated to its active users weekly. 

In October 2019, Kraken introduced its WebSockets private Application Program Interface (API), notifying that the first 2 messages of the API have been available for all users, after undergoing the beta phase throughout the previous days in October. 

The first 2 private API messages will present open orders and push updates for users, everytime there are new orders. It will also list the latest conducted trades, and updates when new ones are carried out.

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