KuCoin Rolled out New Fiat On-Ramps Support Feature for Latin America and Eastern Europe Clients

By Jenny Aurora | June 14, 2020

KuCoin has reportedly rolled out facilitating features for 17 new fiat currencies, targeting clients based in Latin American and Eastern European. 

Specifically, KuCoin now reportedly offers facilitation credit card purchases denominated in more than 50 fiat currencies, via integrations with Simplex, Banxa, and OTC Trading Desk.

The new fiat feature came amid insights regarding the small Africa-based archipelago of Seychelles facilitates a volume of cross-border Bitcoin (BTC) transactions greater than the US. 

KuCoin’s freshly facilitated currencies primarily aims to provide services for nations in Latin American and Central Asia.

“KuCoin has been committed to promoting the mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and an easy channel to transact from fiat to crypto will largely contribute to this” Johnny Lyu – KuCoin Global chief executive – reportedly claimed. 

the national currencies of the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Namibia, Peru, Qatar, Uruguay, India, The Philippines, and Uzbekistan are reportedly on the list of facilitated fiat coins. 

“Through continuous efforts on fiat channels, KuCoin welcomes more newcomers to embrace and make contributions to the crypto world” Lyu further stated. 

KuCoin’s plan to expand its offerings appeared as insights from Crystal has reportedly shown that Seychelles accounted for the cross-border Bitcoin transfers throughout the globe.

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