Leading Crypto Exchanges Support the Upcoming Ethereum Istanbul Upgrade

By Robin Wong | December 9, 2019
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Numerous big names in the crypto exchange scene have reportedly provided their official support for the recent successful Ethereum Istanbul hard fork upgrade. 

Specifically, on December 7, the Ethereum’s network has witnessed a significant amount of collaborations, between node operators and miners, to level up their currently used software, in preparation for the Istanbul hard fork.

Various crypto exchange firms have also officially announced their incentive to update their system ahead of the planned date and time for the hard fork. 

Binance, specifically, revealed to the general audience its public support of the hard fork on December 5th, and its subsidiary in the US followed the incentive the next day. Coinbase took to Twitter to announce that  Ethereum and ERC20 depositing and withdrawing processes will be normally facilitated, and it has finalized the node upgrade for its system.

Kraken – the major crypto exchange firm located in San Francisco – has also claimed to have finished its preset system maintenance for the nodes update. Poloniex also shared its support for the hard fork through the firm’s Twitter page. Bitfinex has also joined the train of supporters, hinting at plans to support the hard fork. 

Generally, the Ether Istanbul hard fork has been accepted by the crypto community, and so far no negative feedbacks have been made towards it. 

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