Libra Association’s Head of Product Left After Only 5 Months in The Position

By Jenny Aurora | October 10, 2019

Simon Morris – a person in charge of product at the Libra Association – has reportedly resigned from his position only 5 months from his official appointment, as can be inferred from his LinkedIn updates. 

Specifically, the details on the professional LinkedIn profile of Morris revealed that he had quit his job since August – only 2 months apart from the public announcement made by Facebook regarding the Libra project. 

Before taking up the role at Libra, Morris formerly worked for BitTorrent,  with nearly 9 years of experience in various positions in the firm. In the 2017-2018 period, he was in charge of supervising the design and development of a crypto project, which was planned to be integrated into the BitTorrent protocol.

“The work led directly to acquisition discussions which culminated in the acquisition of BitTorrent by TRON in May 2018. The crypto project lives on and is being brought to market under the name ‘Project Atlas.’”

Regarding Facebook’s Libra, Paypal – one of the major companies agreed to provide support for the stablecoin project – has reportedly withdrawn its decision to join in, with concerns relating to the possible negative impact on its reputation. 

On October 2, other big names currently a member such as Visa, Mastercard and Stripe have also reassessed their decision, with reasons fairly similar to Paypal’s, in addition with the alleged exaggerations from Facebook concerning regulatory authorization for Libra.

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