Los Angeles Mayor’s Office Organized Blockchain Startup Contest

By Emily Rys | September 18, 2019

The LA Mayor’s Office of Budget & Innovation, along with the Information Technology Agency (ITALA), have teamed up with Goren Holm Ventures (GHV) to organize Block Tank – a blockchain startup competition. 

As stated via a press release on September 16, a panel consists of famous names will be playing judge for the contest – taking place at the blockchain conference about investment dubbed CIS.

A minimal award of $25,000 worth of investment offering will be presented by GHV, along with a $25,000 test project in Los Angeles

“Utilizing cutting-edge technologies to improve the lives of Los Angelenos has always been a priority for ITALA. […] We’re excited for our partnership with GHV to explore and source blockchain solutions at CIS.” Ted Ross, the City of Los Angeles’ CIO claimed. 

Teams will be able to initiate their projects in the following fields: environmental sustainability, online voting and secure resident IDs. The city will sort out the 4 contenders to advance to the final round, where their work will be judged by the above-mentioned celebrity panel, including Tim Draper – high-profile investor and Bitcoin (BTC) enthusiast. Detailed information regarding the rest of judges will be disclosed in the future. 

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