Major Global Coffee Firms Introduced IBM-developed Blockchain Tool for Product Tracking

By Daniel T. | September 20, 2019

Numerous international coffee companies are planning to introduce a blockchain-based tool for improving coffee tracking process next year, via a mobile app designed by IBM.

Farmer Connect – a tech firm focused in designing farm-to-client traceability solutions – has recently partnered with top coffee firms in the world, nominally Jacobs Douwe Egberts and Smucker, to integrate blockchain tech into the current coffee tracking process via Food Trust Platform – a system developed by tech giant IBM

As stated in a press release, Farmer Connect have been jointly putting resources in developing an app with IBM – dubbed “Thank My Farmer” – which will make specific informations regarding coffee-related merchandise available for buyers, including its price and origins.

The beta version will be put through the testing phase in a number of particular markets by some of the firm’s partners, prior to its official, industry-wide launch next year.

Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, ITOCHU Corporation, RGC Coffee, Beyers Koffie and Swiss coffee trading firm Sucafina have all registered to be on the platform.

Rajendra Rao, general manager for IBM Food Trust, shared his belief in Farmer Connect’s potential to grow into the preferred platform for the coffee industry. He further claimed that the the blockchain-based solution will be able to cater to all members of the ecosystem’s need, and the increased level of transparency will help elevate the experience of farmers and buyers taking part in the process. 

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