Major US Food Retail Group Tests Out Mastercard’s Blockchain Tech for Operations

By Chris Torres | October 29, 2019

Topco Associates – the major US-based retail food group purchasing firm – will put a blockchain solution – similar to Mastercard’s – through the pilot phase to enhance its operations.

Stated via a press release on October 27, Topco will run testings on a traceability platform, designed by logistics company Envisible. The new solution – dubbed “The Wholechain platform” – was designed upon the foundation of Master blockchain-based Provenance Solution. 

The new blockchain tool will primarily be in charge of tracing the provenance of produce, meat and seafood. 

Numerous heavyweights in the food sector have turned to blockchain recently, as a viable solution to enhance their operations.

Recently, the American retail giant Walmart has utilized a blockchain-powered tool for the tracking process of Indian shrimp supply chains, starting October this year. This marks the first time blockchain was used for tracking shrimp exporting from India. 

Walmart China has also chosen blockchain tech for its tracking tool, food through its supply chain starting June 2019, with the tech being VeChain’s Thor blockchain. 

The retailing heavyweight revealed that blockchain has the power to let it double-check with any products that are potentially responsible for any health-related problems.

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