Malware-infected WAW Utilized by Hackers for Illegal Crypto Mining

By Emily Rys | October 19, 2019

Threat experts have come across malicious code, based on WAV audio files, which is utilized by hackers to operate illegal crypto mining

Specifically, on October 16, the research team at BlackBerry Cylance – a software firm focused on designing anti-virus programs – has disclosed their encounter with the code lurking around in WAV audio files. 

This particular kind of malware campaign – in which the attackers attach malware codes in the seemingly ordinary files – is classified as “steganography”.

The report notified that a number of WAW files infected with the malware, specifically designed to acquire financial assets, along with forming an access channel with the victim’s equipment. 

“When played, some of the WAV files produced music that had no discernible quality issues or glitches. Others simply generated static (white noise).”

The malware-infected WAW files will enable hackers to set up CPU miners on the victims’ computers, consequently acquire processing resources that support illegal crypto mining, ultimately gain thousands of dollars monthly. Therefore, crypto mining malware is a popular tool in the hacker world, as they can generate substantial financial gains, with the absence of awareness of the victim. The attack is normally known as “crypto-jacking”.

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