Medical Platform Rewards Patients in Crypto for Staying Healthy

By Warren Hayes | April 2, 2019

MEDIKEY, a blockchain-powered health and medical information platform, has introduced a new method of encouraging people to maintain a healthier lifestyle by rewarding participants with its native token MEDIKEY Coin, and with certifications of mining (COM) for accomplishing “medimissions”.

MEDIKEY is short for Medical Information Key on the Blockchain, and was started in October last year by a team from South Korea that integrated it with AI, IoT (Internet of Things), and Big Data.

The platform aims to elicit personal contributions of health and medical information (Medi Info) and experiences (Medi story) to help fellow members in its shared community on the blockchain.

Based on the information provided, it also assigns medimissions, such as exercise plans, for users to improve their well being within a given period. Upon successful completion, users are rewarded with MEDIKEY Coin, along with a certification of mining (COM) in the form of blockchain points.

Though such points cannot be converted and COM has no intrinsic monetary value, it bears similarity usefulness to Ethereum Gas for DAPP activation and participation.

MEDIKEY is planning to launch exchange functions “in the near future”, which will help make it easier for users to convert their MEDIKEY Coins to pay for things like hospital bills, and drugs.

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