MetaMask Made Mobile-based Wallet Available Across iOS and Android

By Warren Hayes | September 26, 2020

Famous Ethereum (ETH) browser wallet MetaMask has reportedly rolled out a mobile application available across both iOS and Android platforms. 

Specifically, the newly available update will reportedly offer control of cryptocurrency wallets, storage of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), message signing and playing blockchain-based games on the users’ mobile devices. 

Users of the wallet’s desktop browser extension will reportedly be able to migrate all their existing transaction history into MetaMask Mobile, via a scannable QR code. 

MetaMask – designed and rolled out by ConsenSys – has reportedly been available only on Chrome and Firefox extension, ever since it was released 4 years ago. The app has reportedly gathered over four million downloads.

ConsenSys reportedly claimed that MetaMask has the power to “simplify” the process to start using decentralized ‘Web3’ applications. Users across 34 different nations will be able to directly buy Ether, with a wide range of payment methods – debit cards, Apple Pay, and other local means of payment, in the mobile app.

“We are thrilled to provide a browsing experience purpose-built for decentralized applications, and allow users to seamlessly sync with their desktop MetaMask accounts.” Dan Finlay, MetaMask founder, reportedly remarked.

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