Miami Taps PlanetWatch & Algorand For Tracking Air Quality With Blockchain

By Shannon Wilson | December 3, 2021

Miami is reportedly gearing towards becoming the pioneering US urban area to employ an Algorand-based decentralized Internet of Things (IoT) network for the tracking of its air quality. 

Specifically, the environmental technology firm from France, Planetwatch, has successfully built five different kinds of air quality sensors.

With capital support from Borderless Capital’s $10 million PLANETS fund, the deployment of the sensors will reportedly be finalized across the city, including in the homes of city residents.

Every sensor will reportedly provide detection for the concentration of air pollution in an area. When integrated into the network, they will offer assistance to the residents and city officials, regarding the analysis of the geological existence of higher levels of pollution. 

Information gathered by the sensors will be recorded on the Algorand blockchain – offering it the features of tamper-proof and permanent.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has reportedly been gathering the reputation of a veteran supporter of utilizing what blockchain has to offer. 

“The data from this project will play a crucial role in our climate adaptation efforts as well as our ambitions to make Miami an epicentre for digital capital markets.” He further stated during the DeCipher event in Miami on Nov. 29th. 

Residents who decide to operate a sensor in their home will reportedly receive a reward in the form of Planet Tokens (Planets). Planets can then be sold for fiat in the open market or be exchanged for Earth Credits. 

Earth Credits reportedly function as non-exchangeable tokens which PlanetWatch uses as internal currency for its products and services.

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