Mike Novogratz Claimed Bitcoin Will Pass $12K Milestone In 2020

By Jenny Aurora | December 30, 2019
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Mike Novogratz – a Bitcoin enthusiast who co-founded crypto merchant bank Galaxy Digital – has reportedly predicted that Bitcoin will reach and surpass the $12k benchmark in value. 

Specifically, the Bitcoin advocate took to Twitter to share his predictions regarding Bitcoin’s value, claiming that the crypto coin will “finish over 12k”.

The Galaxy Digital co-founder also shared his belief that the current President of the US Donald Trump – who has more than once made negative feedback towards cryptocurrency – will not prevail in the next presidential election, with a minimal 10,000 votes short. 

Novogratz has produced numerous predictions concerning the market value of Bitcoin in 2019, which has not been entirely accurate everytime. During the year, Novogratz suggested that the bullish state of Bitcoin value will continue. 

In May, when BTC/USD trading price was capped at roughly $6,000, he claimed to have foreseen the pair will cross the benchmark $20,000, for a second time somewhere in the next 2 years. 

Numerous other experts in the crypto industry haave made different comments towards Bitcoin market value. The infamous Bitcoin advocate John McAfee believed that by 2021, Bitcoin’s value would be equivalent to $1 million.

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