Monero Rolled Out Major Updates Despite IRS Bounty

By Daniel T. | October 20, 2020

Monero has reportedly made a new update available across its network with the latest version of its node software, referred to as ‘Oxygen Orion”. 

Specifically, ‘Oxygen Orion” is reportedly expected by Monero developers to offer an enhanced level of performance, speed, and security, during the time where authorities’ efforts for scrutinization, as well as rivals’ heat are inclining. 

The “Oxygen Orion” – a joint project of 30 contributors – reportedly comes with a specific feature – which is the compact linkable spontaneous anonymous group (CLSAG). Per the info disclosed on the Monero blog, CLSAG will help bring down sizes for transaction finalization by 25%, while simultaneously making sure the private status of the transactions. 

“CLSAG enables smaller and faster transactions with rigorous security.”  The developers reportedly remarked. 

Apart from CLSAG, the new update reportedly also comes with extra security enhancements for the network, particularly focusing on Dandelion ++ – in charge of shielding details of user IP addresses.

The update was reportedly rolled out amid a very stormy time for Monero. Back in September, the US IRS placed a bounty equivalent to more than $ 625,000 for any individual successful in cracking Monero’s privacy.

Furthermore,the Department of Homeland Security reportedly stated to have obtained software able to track transactions carried out on Monero, despite the credibility of the news is still out on the table.

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