More than 240 Stores Accept Cryptocurrency Payment via Elipay

By Natalie Wu | January 27, 2019
More than 240 Stores Now Accept Cryptocurrency Payment via Elipay

More than 240 shopping locations in Slovenia has reportedly accepted cryptocurrency payment via Elipay mobile app. The team behind this product is Eligma, a Slovenian startup commerce and blockchain advocacy.

Launched in October 2018, Elipay app now allows cryptocurrency payment at online or offline stores. Their users can pay in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and their native token Eli token.

According to Cointegraph, Elipay users can spend their crypto at more than 240 places in Slovenia, ranging from bars and restaurants to shops and salons. 

More than just a cryptocurrency-based payment app, Elipay claims to become an all-in-one app integrating credit, debit cards, and loyalty programs.

Cryptocurrency payment gateways is believed to offers lower fees and greater convenience than traditional credit card payment systems. BitPay, Coinbase Commerce, Coinomi are the top-rated cryptocurrency payments apps. As The Crypto Sight reported in December 2019, Kryptono Exchange launched FIATO mobile app, allowing Kryptono users to make instant payment and convert their funds both ways between crypto and fiat.


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