Morgan Creek and Exos Finalized Filing Submission for Bitcoin Fund With SEC

By Emily Rys | November 22, 2020

Morgan Creek Capital Management and Exos Financial have reportedly finalized the filing of a new Bitcoin (BTC) fund with the US SEC

Specifically, if the filing is greenlit by the agency, it would provide an alternative approach for institutional investors to long the flagship cryptocurrency while steering clear from the volatility of possessing it outright. 

The US regulators have received said filing submission for the Morgan Creek-Exos Risk Management Bitcoin Fund – which has a primary goal of offering direct exposure to Bitcoin, via utilizing built-in mechanisms, in a bid to bring down allocation anytime quantitative signals become negative.

the fund “handles technical details around trade, transfer, and custody of Bitcoin.”

As can be seen in its initial marketing content, Exos reportedly calls out for a needed incentive to bring down market volatility for institutional investors – who have grown familiar with Bitcoin’s turbulence and greatly technical features.

“The Fund will fully allocate capital to bitcoin when its indicators are positive and reduce or exit its position when its indicators turn negative.”

Morgan Creek is reportedly specialised in offering alternative investment solutions for institutional investors. The firm runs a crypto asset department focused on blockchain technology and Bitcoin investments.

Exos – functioning as a B2B market platform – is reportedly associated with securities, commercial finance and asset management services.

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