Moscow Aims to Use Blockchain in Electronic Election Voting

By Warren Hayes | March 2, 2019
Moscow Aims to Use Blockchain in Electronic Election Voting

Moscow has proposed to its parliament a new bill for blockchain to be incorporated into its electronic voting system for elections.

Local media reported (Feb 26) that the city council for the Russian capital submitted the bill to the Moscow City Duma, which intends to use blockchain to secure the electoral voting process by separately storing voter personal data and preserving the integrity of voting results.

According to the ruling party United Russia’s deputy Dmitry Vyatkin, who is one of the authors of the bill, said this separate storage will make it “impossible” to connect them together, thereby supposedly helping to prevent electoral fraud.

Last December, Cointelegraph reported that Russia had used blockchain to successfully conduct electronic voting in a regional election with 40,000 people in Saratov Oblast. The blockchain platform, called Polys, was designed and developed by Russian cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab two years ago.

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