Moscow to Develop Blockchain System for Administrative Services

By Jenny Aurora | August 18, 2019

Moscow is currently looking for a contractor for developing a blockchain-based system for hosting its administrative services. An auction is hosted by The Moscow Department of Information Technology (DIT) auction to build a system on the ETH blockchain that will host digital services offered to residents.

The project is expected to cost approximately 57 million rubles (or $860,000). The platform is going to be built in 2 months after a chosen contractor has signed.

The system will be based on proof-of-authority consensus and support up to 1.5 million viewers. The goal is to leverage public confidence in the city’s electronic services by enhancing transparency, which is made possible by blockchain tech. 

The system will be integrated with other ongoing blockchain trials undertaken by the city government. One is the voting platform called “Active Citizen“ allowing residents to raise their voices in any issues. The other one is a system for the allocation of spots at the city’s farmers market using the Ethereum blockchain.

The city is integrating blockchain tech in its upcoming legislature elections. 

“Electronic voting is held in three constituencies in the election of deputies to the Moscow City Duma on September 8, 2019,” the announcement reads. “Each voter in the pilot district will be able to choose how to vote.”

Earlier, DIT and the Moscow City Election Commission (Mosgorizbirkom) has reportedly revealed the pilot testing plan for applying a new voting method based on blockchain in university student council elections in late June 2019.

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