MouseBelt Partnered with 3 UC Universities to Set Up Blockchain Educational Institutions

By Katelyn James | August 24, 2019

Blockchain accelerator MouseBelt has introduced 3 new blockchain-focused institutional establishments at 3 UC universities. 

Reported by the Cointelegraph on August 22, Mousebelt has officially partnered with UC Davis, UC Los Angeles and UC Santa Barbara to roll out new educational establishments concentrating on blockchain, research, and entrepreneurship. According to the report, a preliminary donation will be given as a financial support and will be distributed equally among the schools. 

Mousebelt aims to put $500,000 of investments into student projects, along with securing $500,000 more for direct funding of researches and set up a $100,000 UC Blockchain Entrepreneurship program to help five early-stage firms. 

“We aim to help these universities become a driving force for innovation in the blockchain space, as well as provide students and researchers with the opportunity for both theoretical and industry experience.” Ashlie Meredith, Program Director at MouseBelt University, remarked regarding the news. 

Mousebelt also looks to establish connections among researchers, together with professionals from the industry, to study alternate cryptographics, quantum computing resistant cryptography, distributed systems research for blockchains, blockchain peer-to-peer networks and proofs-of-concept for general business use cases.

Finally, exceptional startup founders in the fields of technical, academic, and business best practices of the schools will be granted a chance of mentorship and education.

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