MyEtherWallet to Offer ‘.crypto’ Domain Names Via New Partnership

By Warren Hayes | April 23, 2020

MyEtherWallet has reportedly entered a partnership with Unstoppable Domains, to make decentralized domain names, which come with the extension ‘.crypto’, available. 

Specifically, the alliance between Unstoppable Domains – a well-known Ether (ETH) webpage – with MyEtherWallet app, has enabled the web page to be the first entity selling ‘.crypto’ domain names. 

Furthermore, the month-to-month user database of around 1 million of MyEtherWallet will reportedly gain access to the blockchain domain names – specifically created to use readable addresses to make crypto payments processes simpler. 

Instead of using 35 alphanumeric addresses connected to each crypto wallet, users who bought ‘.crypto’ domain acquired the feature of linking the domain with their crypto wallet – enabling the use of simplified address names, nominally ‘yourname.crypto’, for payment requesting. 

Unstoppable Domains has successfully finalized its integration with Opera Browser, along with releasing an extension on Google Chrome. 

“This integration shows that wallets are becoming much more than just places to store crypto. They are becoming portals to access blockchain products and services.” Brad Kam – co-founder of Unstoppable Domains – reportedly shared his remarks concerning the partnership.

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