Nervos Released Mainnet Beta Layer-two Blockchain Initiative

By Natalie Wu | November 8, 2021

Public blockchain platform Nervos Network has reportedly disclosed details of the mainnet beta rollout for Godwoken. 

Specifically, The layer-two blockchain protocol reportedly completes the integration with Ethereum Virtual Machine capabilities and optimistic rollup mechanics, in a bid to offer transaction completion in an immediate manner, as well as reduced fees, within an Ethereum-like environment. 

Established on the foundation of the current Nervos layer-one network, the multichain solution reportedly aims to make money from Ethereum’s well-documented disadvantages, with the ones most talked about being network congestion, high gas fees and scalability, along with pros from the developing crucial nature of layer-two alternative platforms.

This long-standing roadmap achievement reportedly surfaced after the deployment of Force Bridge, carried out in 2020, which functions as a cross-chain bridge built to improve the interoperability of transactions, nominally the ones between the Ether-based ERC-20 tokens, as well as its layer-one proof-of-work blockchain protocol, Common Knowledge Base.

With both Godwoken and Force Bridge now rolled out, the attraction that incentivizes Ether developers to move their decentralized applications to Nervos, and turn into early adopters in the DeFi ecosystem that is widening their scope. 

“We are establishing a new blockchain standard that will not only be a way for people to build dApps across DeFi and sectors on Nervos, but also contribute to the wider blockchain ecosystem, regardless of account model, consensus mechanism, and other factors.” Kevin Wang, co-founder of Nervos, reportedly revealed his expectations for the future of the initiative. 

Nervos further disclosed that the Godwoken whitelisting program is officially released, and accepting applications from DApp initiatives to get Ethereum blockchain developers to design upon the ecosystem.

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