Nervos to Roll Out Ethereum Bridge to Simplify Cross-chain Transactions

By Emily Rys | December 24, 2020

China-based public blockchain initiative Nervos has reportedly disclosed details regarding the release of a cross-chain bridge between it and Ethereum.

Specifically, details regarding the solution – dubbed Force Bridge – was reportedly rolled out on December 17th, with the bridge promoting native facilitating features for ERC-20 tokens and frictionless transfers between Ethereum and Nervos’ CKB chain.

The team reportedly stated that the inspiration for the bridge was derived from the “Force Staff” tool that can be seen in the famous game “Dota 2”, which equips players with the power to force the movements of objects throughout its virtual environment. 

Nervos reportedly remarked that its trustless architecture make completing the required steps to carry out cross-chain transfers simpler, describing other bridges as needing the deployment of “a new asset on the target chain, registering the address on Ethereum, and specifying the relationship between transferring assets”, in order to have inter-chain feature. 

No integrations are reportedly mandatory for developers to tap into Force Bridge, since users will only have to finalize deployment of the ERC-20 to begin asset transfers – as no additional stages are needed to complete contract execution with CKB’s native support for ERC-20 smart contracts. 

“Interoperability has been and continues to be a main focus of the Nervos team as we develop our infrastructure to support next generation DeFi applications.” Nervos co-founder, Kevin Wang, reportedly claimed. 

A gateway connected to Force Bridge will reportedly be available to Ethereum users, directly from their wallet.

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