New Blockchain-based Energy Trading Trial in Japan for Surplus Energy Tracking

By Shannon Wilson | October 5, 2019

Power Ledger – the Australia-based technology company – will reportedly be operating an energy trading trial, powered by blockchain, set in the city of Kanto, Japan, around the end of this year. 

In an attempt to put its second trial through testing phase in the country of Japan, Power Ledger has partnered with the local solar energy firm Sharing Energy, along with electricity retailer eRex, as reported on October 3. 

The new Power Ledger’s trial will be tasked with tracking the extensive amount of solar power and electricity trading, via implementing its P2P blockchain system with the smart meter network of residents living inside the Kanto area. 

With Tokyo as one of the major cities of Kanto, the region is viewed as the leading of the nation, economy-wise, and also came second globally as a sub-national economy, only surpassed by California, US. 

The trial specifically looks to showcase the advantages distributed energy systems can bring forth, in the process of combating the decline in significant feed-in-tariff (FIT), which is set to be released in October 2019, and expected to create impact on more than 500,000 solar energy consumers.

With the new technology, Kanto may have picked up a measure to earn money from renewable energy, as well as tap into a new energy source with a reduced cost.

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