New E-Voting Blockchain To Trial At Moscow Student Councils

By Shannon Wilson | May 9, 2019
New E-Voting Blockchain To Trial At Moscow Student Councils

The Moscow Department of Information Technology (DIT) and the Moscow City Election Commission (Mosgorizbirkom) revealed the pilot testing plan for applying a new voting method based on blockchain in university student council elections in late June 2019.

The electronic voting is believed to be applied next to the city’s mayoral election. Artem Kostyrko, the DIT deputy head unveiled that if the program’s technical specification and other legislations get Mosizbirkom’s approval, this program will be published into the public.

In February, the city council first recommended applying blockchain technology in the e-voting system. 2 months later, this request was approved by the Russian Duma for implementing in the next elections on Sept. 8. Furthermore, the voting process and results will be guaranteed by distributed ledger technology (DLT).

In March, despite the blockchain-related activity and the crypto industry uncontrollability, the Russian Federation ruling party applied an e-voting blockchain platform. However, President Putin gave out a deadline of July 1, 2019 for the government to implement this technology.

In early May, OpenCerts, the Singaporean authorities new project was publicized for finding students from 18 Singaporean educational institutions with blockchain-based digital certificates since 2019.

Back in February, Moscow’s municipal government is planning a new city innovation cluster to be launched by summer this year, which will include a blockchain-based platform for its participants to connect to find potential partners, products, and equipment, as The Crypto Sight reported.

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