New Feature of Waves DEX Now Supports Ether-based ERC-20 Tokens

By Jenny Aurora | August 26, 2019

Waves – the open-source blockchain platform – will reportedly be adding the Ether-based ERC-20 standard compliant tokens to its existing list of facilitated tokens, on its its decentralized exchange (DEX). 

Announced by Waves on August 22, the firm’s built-in DEX will be starting to provide facilitation for the ERC-20 tokens from now on. In recent time, the team at Waves also introduced a new gateway, which will be supporting Vostok and Ergo tokens. 

The Waves team are optimistic that the new development will be having a positive effect, and contribute to the process of increasing the number of customers and assets on the platform. 

“Soon, you will see new trading pairs with ERC-20 tokens. Last year, we conducted voting for listing ERC-20 token. Bancor (BNT) won the voting and became the first candidate for listing on Waves DEX. So, we made it. […] The next asset that can be added via gateway is ETH. Then, we will add BTC support. It is scheduled for September.” Waves team further shared. 

As revealed by Coin360, the trading price for Waves’ token is standing at $1.31 at press time – which has experienced a sharp rise of 1.61% from 24 hours earlier. The cryptocurrency ranked 48th at the moment, in terms of market capitalization.

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