New Netflix Documentary to Give Other Crypto Coins More Exposure

By Katelyn James | June 30, 2019
New Netflix Documentary to Give Other Crypto Coins More Exposure

The online streaming giant Netflix has already done a documentary on cryptocurrency before but it was largely focused on bitcoin, with other coin offerings only peripherally addressed. Now, reports of a new filming initiative are noting how it could focus on the larger crypto industry, as a whole. This will then highlight other altcoin options that are not bitcoin.

Rumors with regards to this new Netflix documentary began circulating when PACcoin decided to post an image on social media with the caption that includes an interview by the streaming giant. This then sparked a barrage of speculations that ultimately ended up with the conclusion that a new documentary was in the works.

On that note, Netflix is not the only company that is supposedly working on a film project covering the entire crypto industry. Decipher Media will be doing the same thing and it will involve a huge list of major players in crypto, TheBitPlex reports.

Despite the fall of bitcoin by the end of 2017, the crypto industry itself has become even stronger. Many traditional institutions are either working on their own crypto offerings or have already done so, BTCManager notes. In fact, financial giants like JPMorgan are in the process of launching their own tokens despite initially being against the idea of cryptocurrency.

The Netflix documentary could also focus on other aspects of the industry like stablecoin, which has since gained prominence over the last few months. The same goes for tokenization and the various payment options that have since cropped up.

Crypto becoming a mainstream topic in the public consciousness has been a trend for some time now. A Netflix documentary will help in this regard but it will function more as a means of clarification, at this point, since so many have already heard about the nascent market. Recent surveys have said as much.

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