New York Man Indicted For Crypto Scam And Accused of Wire Fraud

By Chris Torres | November 8, 2019

The US Homeland Security, together with the prosecutors from the Southern District of New York, have reportedly charged an individual with being a part of the “Igobit” crypto scheme. 

Specifically, on November 6, Asa Saint Clair has received 1 allegation of wire fraud, for which he can potentially be sentenced for up to 2 decades if convicted. 

According to the document, within the timeframe from 2017 to Sep this year, Saint Clair has been trying to recruit new investors for Igobit, developed by World Sports Alliance – an intergovernmental establishment with a primary goal to advance global growth via sports-related activities, with a false guarantee of returned revenue and ownership interests in the establishment. 

Saint Clair has used the money provided by the investors to facilitate his personal needs, nominally meals at Manhattan restaurants, plane tickets and online shopping, and none was transferred to grow Igobit. He reportedly transferred the money to numerous companies, owned by himself and his family. 

“Saint Claire allegedly touted his company as promoting the values of sports and peace for a better world, yet defrauded all those who invested in his sham company.  As alleged, Saint Claire used the money he earned through deceit to fund a lavish lifestyle for him and his family. Through the HSI New York El Dorado Task Force and its strong partnerships, Saint Claire will face time for his actions, and it won’t be in the luxury or comfort he has grown accustomed to.” Special agent-in-charge Peter Fitzhugh remarked.

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