NFTb Rolled Out NFT marketplace Dedicated to Environmental Sustainability

By Chris Torres | May 4, 2021
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NFTb – a non fungible token platform designed on the Binance Smart Chain – is reportedly going to release a new version of its marketplace, dedicated to facilitating social causes and offer cost-conscious listing options for artists. 

Specifically, The new marketplace reportedly establishes a connection between artists and leading charities, enabling any individual to auction their artwork for a reasonable price, as well as submitting donations of a sum of their earnings to  a charity they selected. 

NFTb reportedly shared that more than 120 artists have already been included in the waitlist.

Sia Mohajer, an executive with NFTb, reportedly remarked that numerous artists expressed worries regarding the environmental effect of their work, and that the existing marketplaces are unable to offer whatever kind of recourse to steer clear from these threats. 

“We have found that many artists who are not familiar with NFTs are extremely concerned about the environmental impacts of their activities. We’ve built a platform to help artists ensure that the production of their work is environmentally sustainable, and can support the social causes that matter to them.”

NFTb has reportedly disclosed details of the finalization of a $200,000 seed funding round recently, to financially back its marketplace. Its supporters consist of Spark Digital Capital, Next Ventures, Metaconstant Ventures and Rarestone Capital.

Charles Read, the founder of Rarestone Capital, reportedly shared that NFTb is in line with his firm’s goal of putting investments in “socially-conscious products that accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology while creating positive societal impact.”NFTb reportedly claimed to be the first NFT platform on Binance Smart Chain with a working product.

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