OK Blockchain Capital Releases January Blockchain Industry Report

February 19, 2019
OK Blockchain Capital Releases January Blockchain Industry Report

BEIJINGFeb. 18, 2019 — OK Blockchain Capital & OK Research jointly released the January Blockchain Industry Report on Feb 10. Global blockchain digital asset market value and trading volume were both relatively stable in January. In detail, global market cap averaged $124.485 billion, up 3.52% from December; average daily trading volume was $16.348 billion, up 1.35%.

The income of digital asset investors in January 2019 was dismal. According to the OK Blockchain Capital questionnaire survey, nearly 60% of investors had essentially flat earnings (-10% ≤ market returns<10%), small losses (-30% ≤ market returns<-10%) and large losses (-100% ≤ market returns<-30%), meaning that more than half saw no gains in January – slightly up from December last year.

35.77% of investors will keep their positions essentially unchanged in February. More than 67% of investors believed that the overall value of digital assets market will not move greatly in 2019. Currencies/payment is the most favored investment segment in January.

The average number Bitcoin address active daily this month was 510,100, down 41.37% from January 2018, and down 2.12% from December. DApps declined on ETH, EOS averaged the most DApp active users, and TRX had the largest increase.

In terms of policy, Wyoming introduced a bill defining virtual currencies as intangible personal property. Chile residents will have to pay taxes on cryptocurrencies starting in April of this year. Japan financial regulators may approve exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

As the strategic partner with OKEx, OK Blockchain Capital has accumulated rich experience in blockchain research and development. We are devoted to assist promising entrepreneurs and teams to grow and succeed in blockchain industry by offering exclusive consulting services, technological support and funding.

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