OKEx Chief Operation Officer Resigned To Set Up Own Blockchain Consultancy Firm

By Warren Hayes | January 10, 2020

Andy Cheung – COO for OKEx – has reportedly revealed on January 7 that he will be leaving his position at the firm, in a move to set up a new blockchain consultancy establishment – dubbed Bitwork. 

Specifically, the former OKEx COO shared that since the territory for him to boost crypto adoption rate is within the exchange, Cheung left to achieve his target of supporting projects establish connections with the market, and boost the cryptocurrency adoption. 

Cheung, who has left on good terms with OKEx, is set to set up his own blockchain consultancy firm, Bitwork. The main inspiration that fueled his initiative was reportedly from the time he served at OKEx. 

“The question I was always asked in OKEx was: How can my project get listed on your exchange?… we always tell the teams that project quality is the key… But how to improve the quality of a project? What do the markets need?”

Bitwork is specifically designed to offer a solution to the projects’ problems, with exchange partnerships, advisory, marketing management, branding and public relations, fundraising and event management services.

Bitwork will be headquartered in Hong Kong, and will be “formed by a team of experienced blockchain experts from different cryptocurrency exchanges.”

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