Online Gaming Firm Introduced Bitcoin-collecting FPS Game

By Emily Rys | November 21, 2019

Donnerlab – lightning games and applications developing firm – has reportedly rolled out a game with Bitcoin (BTC) hunting feature to its products, allowing players to collect “Satoshi cubes.”

Revealed via Twitter on November 19, Donnerlab has introduced its latest development – dubbed “Bitcoin Bounty Hunt” – a multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) game native to the Lightning Network – a payment procedure which supports speed-enhanced micropayments between 2 nodes.

The FPS game will also comes with a built-in neutrino wallet, providing safekeeping for the coins, in a noncustodial way, collected by players. There will also be a space dedicated to promotions for Hodl-auctions, and the feature allowing PVP actions to steal the bounties of other gamers. 

In October this year, Bitcoin-focused gaming company Satoshis Games also revealed its plan to build a Fortnite-resembled game – dubbed “Lightnite” – which allows Lightning Network microtransactions. Specifically, everytime players interact with one another, a monetary reward or penalty scheme will be activated. 

“In simple words, players earn Bitcoin by shooting other players and lose Bitcoin when they get shot.” Satoshis Games remarked upon the announcement of its project. 

The game comes with a real-time report whenever interactions between players occur, damaged or got damaged, or collected an item with BTC value. Gamers can also carry out withdrawals from their Bitcoin wallet anytime they want to.

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