Orica Teamed Up With NGO For NFTs to Financially Support School Building In Uganda

By Natalie Wu | November 20, 2021

Freshly rolled out ethical funding platform Orica is reportedly teaming up with an NGO to introduce NFTs on its platform, with the acquired capital to be for financially supporting building a school in Uganda. 

Specifically, Orica – newly released during the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit (AIBC Malta) – reportedly provides support for artists and social impact organizations (SIOs), to create and sell NFTs.

The development reportedly marked another significant stride forward for the NFT sphere, where social impact initiatives utilize digital art for fundraising for charitable causes. 

The school will reportedly be located in the Ssese Islands – an archipelago of 84 islands in Lake Victoria, Uganda. 

The NGO, Bbanga Project, reportedly functions as a charitable organization having its registration in Austria and secured the NGO status in Uganda, which means the audit for every receipt will be carried out by the Viennese charity and tax authorities.

“Seventy billion dollars of cryptocurrency moved through Malta after it became “Blockchain Island” so it doesn’t make sense that 4,400km away, Ssese Islands families struggle on less than a dollar a day. We decided to use the launch of our NFT platform at the Malta summit to start making positive change.” Orica founder Danial Nanaei further remarked regarding the development. 

Bbanga Project reportedly formed an alliance with digital artist Mellowmann from Germany to roll out a collection of Uganda-inspired NFTs. Collectors of Mellowmann’s work include Dima Buterin, the allegedly perceived grandfather of Ethereum.

His most recent Orica-based Ssese Islands NFT collection, dubbed “A Fairer World” – was reportedly previewed by the school children prior to being placed for auction.

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