Pakistani Prime Minister Chaired Government Processes Digitalization Meeting

By Jenny Aurora | April 21, 2019
Pakistani Prime Minister Chaired Government Processes Digitalization Meeting

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran has organized a meeting on digitalization of the government processes on April 17th.

At the meeting, Khan listed out all the processes issues and the importance of blockchain technology on ensuring efficiency, transparency, eliminating bureaucracy and improving overall service delivery in alignment with the vision of the Government.

The meeting also concentrated on the next generation of trade platform for Pakistan that will boost the trade efficiency with its trade partners on the next generation. “The digitalization will also create much-needed synergies among the government organizations for ensuring friction-less service delivery and improving ease of doing business in the country,” Khan stated.

Earlier this month, Pakistan revealed to apply new cryptocurrency regulations, aiming at improving the country’s track record fighting financial fraud, which will be considered to lower the level of crime such as money laundering and terrorist financing

Moreover, Pakistan’s central bank, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), has promised it will issue the country’s first digital currency by 2025. The purpose of this project is to promote wider financial inclusivity while cutting inefficiency and reducing corruption.

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