Peer-to-peer NFT Sales Rocketed With Average Purchase Price Climbed 7-fold

By Emily Rys | October 22, 2020

The sales for Non-fungible tokens and digital collectibles throughout the recent months have reportedly experienced a dramatic surge, as volumes on peer-to-peer marketplaces also saw major uplift. 

Specifically, from representative NFTs of NBA finals moments to crypto sector character cards, the overall lifetime of NFT volume across the Ethereum Blockchain individually has reportedly surpassed the $120 million benchmark, per insights generated by crypto data startup Messari.

Particularly, Messari applied tracking for NFTs demands across a vast array of fields, including digital art, collectibles and in-game items, throughout the 3rd quarter. In its findings, the cumulative figure of users making interactions with P2P NFT marketplace OpenSea crossed the 25,000 milestone, with a record-high figure of $2 million in total volume witnessed for September. 

The items in the list of most preferred ones reportedly included cards that have popular crypto industry insiders such as Uniswap’s Hayden Adams and Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin.

The average NFT purchase price has reportedly also seen an increase as well throughout the 3rd quarter, climbing up to an average of $161 – the record-breaking figure since when CryptoKitties was initially rolled out 3 years ago, and increased 7-fold compared to the historical average. 

“Average spending on NFTs has beaten the historical average of $23 for 150 consecutive days.” Messari reportedly remarked.

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