Philly T-shirt Firm Looks to Buy $1M Worth of BTC / ETH

By Tracy Hannes | April 1, 2021

RushOrderTees – a firm specialized in t-shirt printing and embroidering – is reportedly having plans to purchase $1 million equivalent of crypto using its cash reserves. 

Specifically, up to March 12th, the firm has reportedly finalized the purchasing of $300k in Bitcoin and other crypto throughout the past months, and will ramp to $1 million in crypto holdings towards the end of April. The initiative shows the increase in adoption and a normalization of digital asset investing.

“Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology offer an exciting glimpse into the future,”, RushOrderTees’ CEOThis is our opportunity to be on the cutting edge of something that has the power to change global commerce forever.” Mike Nemeroff, Head of RushOrderTees, reportedly remarked. 

Various different establishments have reportedly also completed the conversion of numerous assets into Bitcoin, with plans down the pipeline to convert more. MicroStrategy has reportedly invested more than $2 billion of capital toward the currency, and Tesla purchased a $1.5 billion equivalent of BTC this year. 

Square and MassMutual have also made Bitcoin purchases throughout the past months. 

Nemeroff is reportedly also a well-known face throughout the crypto sphere, as the CEO himself has reportedly bought crypto over the years, the statement included.


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