Pistoia Alliance Applied Blockchain Tech for Data Integration

By Chris Torres | February 11, 2019
Pistoia Alliance Applied Blockchain Tech for Data Integration

The Pistoia Alliance, a not-for-profit science organization has recently expanded its blockchain project to leverage data sharing, identity and integrity capabilities.

Founded in 2007, Pistoia Alliance has emerged to 100 member companies, ranging from global organisations to medium enterprises, start-ups and individuals, aiming to integrate new technologies in the life science industry. According to a press release published on Feb 8, the firm will apply blockchain technology to validate sources in identifying data, enhancing data integrity, as well as improving sharing between the organizations.

“We believe blockchain has an important role to play in the life science sector and want to solidify use cases now so the whole industry can realize the value sooner. By working together on this aim, we can ensure that our efforts are not duplicated and that even more stakeholders can benefit.” said The Pistoia Alliance President, Steve Arlington.

While much of the industry is still at the ‘discussion’ stage of blockchain, the Pistonia Alliance wants to “move beyond this and take action that actively supports members and leads to tangible outcomes that will benefit R&D, accelerate innovation and support the discovery of new treatments”

Blockchain technology is gaining more attraction in the healthcare industry. In November 2018, the technology has been used to detect cancer diseases by a UK research firm, Lancor Scientific. In January 2019, IBM has collaborated with US-based insurance giant Aeta to develop a blockchain system to enhance transaction efficiency in the industry, reported by The Crypto Sight.

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