Polish City Became World Pioneer In Utilizing Ether-built SmartKey to Assist With Emergency Services

By Robin Wong | December 2, 2020
IoT Sensors Helps Smart Contracts Reaches Maximum Potential, Claimed NYU Blockchain Experts

Olsztyn, Poland has reportedly been the world pioneer in utilizing Ether-based SmartKey to make emergency services better – an additional real-life use case for DLT

Specifically, Olsztyn has reportedly finalized a pilot phase for SmartKey – a bridging tech aimed at establishing a connection between blockchain with physical assets, to offer assistance in police, fire and ambulance services.

SmartKey will reportedly allow rescue teams to execute their tasks in a more efficient manner, via hooking up a smart contract to Teltonika smart devices, utilized by local rescue teams. The new solution will let rescue teams gain access into buildings, without the need of finding out a keyholder or going to obtain authorization. 

“The need for our rescue services to perform their duties without obstruction is a delicate one. The use of blockchain and SmartKey technology seems to be like the perfect solution, giving reassurance to building owners and inhabitants, but also freedom for our emergency services.” Gustaw Marek Brzezin, the marshall of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship where Olsztyn is situated, reportedly remarked. 

SmartKey reportedly believed that blockchain will have the ability to establish a foundation upon which smart cities are designed. Despite the concept being perceived differently entity-to-entity, a smart city is basically an urban area that leverages emerging technologies and sensors for information collection, which will then be utilized to assist with assets, resources and services management, on an enhanced level of efficiency.

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