Portion of 120,000 BTC Stolen in Bitfinex Hack Moved to New Mysterious Address

By Emily Rys | June 9, 2019

A part of the total financial damage, lost during the cyber attack towards Bitfinex crypto exchange in 2016, has reportedly changed its address, from the attackers’ account to an anonymous address.

Specifically, evidence of the reallocation of the stolen fund has been announced via Twitter by Whale-alert.io – a crypto transaction tracker – at 06:08 AM UTC on June 7th. According to the tweets, around 185 bitcoin (equivalent to $1.5 million at press time) has been moved in 6 total transactions.

The stolen money that changed address takes up approximately 0.15% of the total 120,000 BTC. The entire financial damage was estimated to worth $72 million when the incident happened in 2016 and has shot up in value to $973 million according to the current market price.

Anneka Dew – marketing director at Bitfinex – has reportedly confirmed that the movement has nothing to do with the firm’s processes.

Bitfinex has recently introduced a new exchange utility token against big digital coins, following the $1 billion commitments secured, during a funding round for the token in its initial exchange offering at the beginning of May. UNUS SED LEO – which has the value equivalent of 1 tether (USDT) – will provide support for any Bitfinex transactions.

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