Power Ledger Partnered with Local Energy Retailer To Introduce Blockchain in Australia

By Warren Hayes | November 9, 2019

Power Ledger – the Australia-based blockchain energy company – will reportedly team up with an energy retailing firm in the country, in an attempt to implement its technology across Australia

Specifically, the blockchain-powered tools developed by Power Ledger will grant Australian users the ability to gather excess solar and battery storage, keep them in a Virtual Power Plant, for enhanced supervision and use of their energy.

In the collaboration, Power Ledger looks to integrate – Virtual Power Plant (VPP) –  a tool particularly designed for energy trading – to commercially provide it for Australia-headquartered electricity wholesale firm Powerclub. 

Bearing the same goal like previously rolled out projects by Power Ledger, this new one has the main target of offering users the availability of wholesale electricity prices, as well as bringing down the energy costs per year. 

Particularly, a Powerclub users-focused feature would allow gathering net solar and battery storage to act as a VPP – a cloud-based distributed power plant, established to help amp up power production and supply energy trading. Consequently, users can place their solar energy for purchases when high demand, high prices for energy selling occasions surface.

Users also have total supervision of their energy usage and fees, which can help to eliminate possible hidden costs

“You no longer need to be a massive electricity company to commoditize energy,” Jemma Green, co-founder and chairman at Power Ledger, remarked regarding the decentralization and democratization aspects of the future electricity scene.

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