Prince of Wales Says Blockchain Technology is “ Very Interesting”

By Chris Torres | May 10, 2019
Prince of Wales Says Blockchain Technology is “ Very Interesting”

Prince Charles of Wales, the heir apparent to the British throne has recently said that blockchain technology is an interesting development.

According to a video posted on Twitter account of a cryptocurrency trader, Prince Charles was visiting Berlin when he was approached and asked “What do you think about bitcoins? Blockchain, bitcoins, cryptocurrency?” outside the Brandenburg Gate.

At first, he seemed to be confused. However, it did not take him much time to respond: “Blockchain…very interesting development.”, showing that he was aware of the technology.

Talking about cryptocurrency in the United Kingdom, the government has been interpreting crypto as negative. The royals, however, have so far remained quieter about cryptocurrency.

This month, Corporate Traveller, a UK-based business travel service provider, has reportedly teamed up with global cryptocurrency payment firm BitPay to allow its SME customers to pay for their business travel bookings using Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

At the same time, Coinbase has released its a Visa debit card, where users fund their card purchases through their cryptocurrency balances on Coinbase, starting from UK, reported by The Crypto Sight on April 15.

Earlier this year, a Parliament session in the UK has reportedly revealed that the implementation of a distributed ledger project to support its customs needs is being held back till after Brexit. The project was initially announced by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) back in 2017 involving the development of an authorized blockchain “that could be used to verify a trader’s Authorized Economic Operator” status in the country.

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