QUICKOM Enables a Superior Customer Experience for 35,000 Merchants on Vietnam’s Largest Wholesale E-commerce Platform

By The Crypto Sight | February 10, 2020

Beowulf, an innovative full-service B2B cloud communication company, announced today that Thi Truong Si, the largest online wholesale marketplace in Vietnam, has deployed Beowulf’s QUICKOM call centers for 35,000 of its merchants to ensure agility and scalability, and in the process, drive rapid business growth.

Thi Truong Si has been connecting millions of buyers to sellers in its online marketplace, offering a superior online shopping and payment experience. Today, with more than 30,000 daily visits, 60,000 active users and 12,000 newly-registered users every month, Thi Truong Si ranks as the largest wholesale e-commerce platform in Vietnam.

With a goal of maintaining 100% customer satisfaction, the company’s strategic focus is to provide the best customer experience possible. So when Thi Truong Si realized that they needed to expand their contact channels beyond the single option of email and the traditional hotline, they decided it was time to incorporate multiple online communication options into their contact centers.

Due to their recent partnership with QUICKOM, 35,000 merchants on Thi Truong Si can now facilitate unmatched customer communication with features such as messaging, voice and video calling using a single scan – all within one unified solution without having to make significant investments in IT infrastructure or hiring IT staff. Customers can directly call the merchants by scanning the QR code with the camera on their smartphone without any special software required, thereby reaching customer support more quickly and hassle-free; while merchants can use different QR codes for different departments and various purposes, making all communication traceable and secure.

The seamless and easy integration of QUICKOM call center capability within Thi Truong Si’s application gives support agents immediate access to the customer’s inquiries, and call controls all within the same interface. Now, agents can instantly respond to questions, facilitate a transaction, or route a call to an expert agent or seller to make the sales experience easier and faster.

Since its inception, QUICKOM has established itself as the leading provider of enterprise-class communication suites for businesses looking to invest in advanced technologies, improve systems for integrating customer communications, and build management and professional operations teams. QUICKOM requires no additional equipment or start-up costs, and can be implemented virtually immediately.  

From its browser-based user interface, decentralized cloud hosting services, unmatched ease of use, unique features, and fast time-to-market implementation, QUICKOM has forever redefined the way contact centers implement and adopt workforce management technology. QUICKOM enables organizations to measure relative sentiment across all calls, agents, and channels in real time to maximize call center effectiveness. This technology also provides an effective, customizable dashboard for call center and operations management.

With QUICKOM, all calls are monitored and automatically logged into a management system, which enables comprehensive call tracking, monitoring, and reporting of agents’ efficiency.

Agents and sellers have the added benefit of access to reports with specific details about each call, how many calls were received, when they were received, and how long they lasted. This valuable information gives Thi Truong Si, their agents, and their merchants the insights they need to continue to improve the overall customer experience.

“The key to success is to understand how each interaction can contribute and drive business value as a part of a seamless overall customer journey. Aside from cost savings, we gained real and measurable improvements in customer experience and user satisfaction with QUICKOM,” said Quy Le, Founder & CEO of Thi Truong Si. “At the end of the day, a good experience is what generates trust. That’s why it’s the preference of our users that are calling the shots.”

About Beowulf Blockchain

Beowulf excels at streamlining business operations and delivering the best B2B communication services (messaging, voice, video calling), enabling businesses around the world to lower IT costs significantly while increasing productivity. With the goal of facilitating secure, low-cost, customizable B2B communications, Beowulf has developed a suite of services built on blockchain to help lower IT costs significantly while increasing productivity. Beowulf’s technology suite encompasses QUICKOM, a patent-pending concept which aims to replace phone numbers with scannable QR codes for improved privacy and connectivity; a decentralized distant learning platform named Victoria; and HANA, an innovative telemedicine system.

About Thi Truong Si

Thi Truong Si is the leading sourcing platform in Vietnam that connects wholesale buyers with suppliers in Vietnam and abroad. Millions of retailers, chain stores, boutiques, dropshippers, flea marketers and other resellers have used Thi Truong Si to find wholesalers, manufacturers, importers, and distributors. Thi Truong Si strives to be recognized not only as the connector between buyers and sellers in all aspects of global and domestic trade, but also as a well-rounded service provider and one with the knowledge to attain high-value customer satisfaction in a rapidly changing and interconnected world.

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