QUICKOM Launches Major App Upgrade with All-New Functions and Single Platform Advantage to Enable Workplace Transformation

By Mary T. | January 19, 2020

QUICKOM, an innovative global business communication platform, has announced its extensive app upgrade, which includes design changes and additional features that set the app apart as a truly unique tool for world-class corporate communication.

With the introduction of the new QUICKOM Corporate Communication to its suite of solutions, QUICKOM is uniquely positioned to provide businesses a modern and truly unified, end-to-end communication experience for their employees across one single platform for high-quality calling, messaging and two-way collaborative video-enabled meetings so they can improve employee productivity.

The new QUICKOM app is packed with innovative mission-critical features, including screen sharing coupled with two-way interactive whiteboarding and smart annotation tools to increase productivity and collaboration among employees, facilitating cross-regional and cross-department meetings via video conference across multiple locations anywhere in the world. 

The QUICKOM concept, which now has a US patent pending, aims to overhaul cumbersome phone numbers and replace them with QR codes for improved connectivity and privacy protection. To get connected, users and customers only need to scan the unique QR code with the camera on their smartphone, with no special software required. Businesses can have different QR codes for different service departments on their website or social platforms, making all communication traceable and secure.

Flexible and easy-to-use and manage, QUICKOM platform lives in the cloud, so it’s more reliable and adapts quickly to businesses’ growing needs, by eliminating the need to use any hardware to get started, while ensuring high-quality and reliable delivery of communication in and out of normal business hours. And with the QUICKOM built-in analytics dashboard, business clients get all the valuable metrics to help put excellent customer experience at the front and center of their operations.

Since its inception, QUICKOM has seen rapid adoption by global corporations and leading companies such as AIA, E-Teleconnect, among over 35,000 merchants worldwide seeking customizable, deployment-ready communications products. 

“We continue to innovate on our vision, building out the capabilities of the QUICKOM platform to connect more people in more places via the channels that work best for them, and let them switch seamlessly without losing flow,” said Dr. William H. Nguyen, CEO and Founder of Beowulf Blockchain. “With QUICKOM Corporate Communication, we are leveraging an integrated user experience with our rich set of two-way interactive communication capabilities to better facilitate business processes by creating an instant office and bring next-generation immersive experiences to the team collaboration. Corporates in biotech, or pharmaceutical business will be able to greatly benefit from this major upgrade.”

Coming up with enhanced user experience and speed of execution, the app is now available for download for iOS, Android, Windows as well as macOS.

“Having a well-rounded suite of enterprise-grade solutions for corporate communication and call center, as well as personal use available through a fully functioning native app ensures seamless transitions from desktop to mobile and ensures the highest flexibility and privacy protection, while ensuring improved collaboration and organizational productivity,” Dr. William H. Nguyen continued.


QUICKOM by Beowulf utilizes the US patent-pending QR code technology to redefine corporate communications, making them more flexible and intelligent to help enterprises the world over stay ahead. True to its roots as a technology disruptor, QUICKOM’s flexible approach helps better serve the growing collaboration, communications, and customer experience needs of companies, across all communications channels. QUICKOM is built on the world’s most flexible decentralized cloud communications platform and offers a suite of services encompassing call center and corporate communication solutions, as well as unified communications with a focus on privacy protection for personal use.

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