QUICKOM Partners with Vietnam’s Largest Online Wholesale Marketplace to Enable Its 35 Thousand Merchants to Provide Innovative Call Centers

By Anne W. | September 18, 2019

QUICKOM, a US patent-pending communication platform, has announced its partnership with Thi Truong Si, Vietnam’s largest wholesale online marketplace to enable its 35,000 merchants to provide innovative call center services to their customers. 

Through this partnership, Thi Truong Si’s merchants can now facilitate unmatched customer communication with features such as messaging, voice and video calling using a single scan. Customers can directly call the merchants by scanning the QR code with the camera on their smartphone without any special software required, thereby being able to reach customer support more quickly and hassle free. Merchants can use different QR codes for different departments and purposes, making all communication traceable and secure.

“The key to success is to understand how each interaction can contribute and drive business value as a part of a seamless overall customer journey. With QUICKOM, users from 35 thousand merchants can tremendously benefit from the better call quality and ease of connectivity while our merchants are able to cut down on excessive costs that are normally associated with running a call center,” Qui Le, Founder & CEO of Thi Truong Si said.

“With QUICKOM, we believe in disruptive innovation and create call centers that address the way modern businesses strive to communicate today, while remaining flexible enough to grow with the businesses of tomorrow,” said Dr. William H. Nguyen, CEO and Founder of Beowulf Blockchain. “Our technology makes it possible for customers to enjoy platform for all their business communications needs. Whether it’s messaging, voice calling or video calling, we’ve made it easier for companies to focus on what’s most important – creating happy customers and generating business growth.”

Beowulf’s technology encompasses a comprehensive suite that handles various communication functions (voice/video calling, messaging) from front-end to back-end infrastructure, with enterprises paying per minute-of-usage; a decentralized distant learning platform named Victoria; and HANA, an innovative telemedicine teaching system. QUICKOM is a US patent pending platform by Beowulf that represents a monumental leap forward in corporate and personal communication in the digital age. With aims to give privacy control over communications back to the user, QUICKOM provides a customizable and anonymous QR code call service that replaces phone numbers with scannable QR codes.

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