Rangers Protocol Rolled Out Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible Testnet

By Tracy Hannes | July 25, 2021

The Rangers Protocol has reportedly made its testnet accessible to users, looking to offer an Ether Virtual Machine-compatible alternative,  with facilitating features for cross-chain contract interoperability.

Specifically, the Rangers Protocol reportedly disclosed details regarding its successful migration initiative of the first Dapp to the testnet – which was officially rolled out on July 19th. 

The migrated solution to the testnet was reportedly the Ether-powered lending protocol, BlueStone. The Rangers referred to the development as “smooth and developer-friendly”, taking into account Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility. 

While there are numerous different solutions harnessing the features of blockchain that are friendly to Solidity developers, Rangers Protocol is reportedly branding its testnet to be convenient for “new developers without blockchain background knowledge.”

Any developers who are keen on designing new apps with the help of the protocol will reportedly be offered a more simplified method of creating nonfungible tokens (NFTs), together with gaming applications, in a permissionless environment.

Rangers Protocol co-founder Mary Ma reportedly shared in June that the entity is planning to release its testnet in July, after securing $3.7 million via seed and private equity funding rounds.

Ma reportedly shared that the protocol would come with decentralized apps on its network, with the availability of a cross-chain protocol, NFT protocol, and EVM compatible system. The initiative was ready for officially launching after a three-year design period. 

Rangers – previously went by the name “Rocket Protocol” – is reportedly a crypto firm from China, with an estimated valuation of $63 million.

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