Rapper Logic Finalized $6M Investment In Bitcoin

By Katelyn James | November 23, 2020

Famous rapping figure Logic has reportedly begun exploring crypto, with the latest invested sum in Bitcoin, following “Game of Thrones” actress Maisie Williams’ call for advice if deep-diving into the coin is a wise move. 

Specifically, as per latest updates disclosed via his Instagram story, Logic – also known as Sir Robert Bryson Hall II – publicly boasted his initiative to have “bought six million in Bitcoin last month”, additionally supported with incentives trying to normalize it, stating “YOLO” (meaning “You only live once”) and “Seriously…”.

Nonetheless, Logic’s initiative to complete his purchase could become a wise business move financially. 

In the ultimately bad situation, should “last month” in his statement indicate the rapper finalized the investment sometime within the month of October 2020, his total invested fund of $6 million dollars would be equivalent to approximately 433 BTC at a price of around $13,850.

According to the latest value update, those 433 BTC will reportedly be equal to $7,926,500 at publishing time, displaying a profit of around $2 million.

In a different scenario, if Logic said the phrase “last month” to talk about one month ago, his buy-in price could potentially have been $11,760. These hypothetical 510 BTC would now be worth $9.3 million, or a cool $3.3 million gain.

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