Reddit User Designed BTC-themed Game As Present For the Crypto Community

By Tracy Hannes | December 26, 2019

A Reddit user has reportedly designed a video game with Bitcoin (BTC) theme, intended to be a Christmas present to the entire crypto community. 

Specifically, on December 24, the freshly introduced game – dubbed “Satoshi vs. the Shills” – has been live, which is in the survival shooter genre, with Satoshi Nakamoto – the anonymous founder of Bitcoin – included as the main character. 

The arcade game can be publicly downloaded from the Google Play store on Android devices. Big Hands – the man behind the game – has not disclosed any further details, regarding the introduction of the game onto the iOS platform.

Via playing the game in the form of the main character Satoshi Nakamoto, players will need to fight against numerous shills – the term used to describe the individuals, who are more inclined to advertise other digital coins instead of Bitcoin, by the crypto community. 

When the player comes into contact with these characters, they will produce shill-related sentences, such as “Check my grandma’s ICO,” “Yeah, but I know of a better coin,” or “Bitcoin is dead, bro.” Player needs to eliminate the shillers to prevent them from becoming the ruler of the world. 

Crypto adoption has made profound changes to the gaming industry, by not only providing a refreshing game plot like this Reddit game, but also enables new gaming experiences using cutting-edge technologies.

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