Release Blockchain Platform Looks to Transform Agriculture & Fishing Sectors

By Emily Rys | July 13, 2020
Release Blockchain Platform Looks to Transform Agriculture & Fishing Sectors

Release – a blockchain-based social commerce project – has reportedly claimed that its platform can be the solution to the logistic-related issues the agriculture and fishing sectors are facing. 

Specifically, the agriculture and fishery reportedly possess a significant opportunity for global-level development, provided that challenges, nominally logistical efficiency and price fairness are taken out of the picture. 

Release has reportedly come up with a social commerce architecture that would bring profound transformation to the global agriculture and fisheries logistics.

“Sellers will be able to decide on the spot prices of freshly picked vegetables, fruits, fishes, shellfishes, etc. while selling to a general buyer. This can potentially solve the major concerns in this industry and optimize it massively – for the benefit of both buyers as well as sellers.”

Per Release, logistics and supply chain inefficiency, together with the insufficiency regarding buyer-seller effective communication are reportedly a few of the most nominal hardships social commerce is dealing with. 

Release highlighted that this social commerce platform would reportedly render middlemen unnecessary, and reinforce the scope of agriculture and fishing in e-commerce.

The project has reportedly employed cutting-edge tech, nominally Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, to build a robust, safe, secure, and transparent social commerce platform.

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