Rep. Soto Looks to Set Up Office For “Coordinating” Federal Use of Blockchain

By Robin Wong | January 12, 2021

The newly submitted bill H.R.9067 – supported by Rep. Darren Soto – reportedly looks to establish an office, which supports coordination of blockchain tech for federal applications.

Specifically, the bill reportedly has a primary goal of setting up “an office within the Department of Commerce to coordinate all non-defense related deployment and activities related to blockchain technology within the Federal Government.”

By December 31st last year, the bill had reportedly been moved to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce for approval. 

Despite details of the bill is yet to be disclosed, the bill’s sponsor can potentially offer a few indications, regarding the blockchain applications type such an office would want to “coordinate.”

Soto has reportedly been demonstrating in the past months his rising vocal proponent for both crypto coins – which can be utilized for campaign donations, and for blockchain tech in general.

In September last year, Soto reportedly disclosed the final result of “nearly two years of pushing” his colleagues in the Committee, regarding the Energy and Commerce: the Digital Taxonomy Act, which will directly translate to a research on blockchain use cases by the authority. 

Setting up an office as stated H.R.9067 would presumably accelerate the adoption rate and implementation of such technologies.

Soto’s pro-attitude towards crypto has reportedly been on the rise lately. The Florida man was included in the group of nine congress people tasked with chastising the Treasury for allowing just over two weeks for comments, regarding a new crypto monitoring law. 

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