Rom ICO (ROM Token): Blockchain Authorizing Data System?

By Shannon Wilson | July 21, 2021

What is ROM?

ROM is a digital platform that embraces the blockchain technology. The hybrid service data communication produces more value by using a user’s idle communication resource. This it does through a multi-platform that encompasses IPTV, communication, and game services.

The platform intends to bring equality to the service supply system. In most cases, such inequalities are brought about by the domination of resources by the mobile network operator (MNO). The platform also intends to create a reasonable service ecosystem by sharing communication and computing resources of users. It will also allow everyone to use communication and broadcasting services efficiently and equally.

ROM Token ICO Details

ROM token circulation is easier because the people cannot consume them practically. Since the tokens are organically created through various actions, they do not only exist in an electronic wallet. ROM ico event-sale will kick off on August 30, 2018.