Samsung Added Tron-focused DApp Support Feature to Its Blockchain Keystore

By Emily Rys | October 31, 2019

The South Korea-based electronics heavyweight Samsung has reportedly added facilitation feature for Tron on its decentralized app (DApp) store – Blockchain Keystore.

As revealed in an update on October 29 via the Samsung Developers website, the new Tron-focused TRX transactions support APIs has officially been integrated into Samsung-developed Blockchain Keystore SDK v1.2.0.

Samsung reportedly disclosed that the details regarding its Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK will be revealed at the Samsung Developer Conference 2019. The new platform is reportedly expected to serve as a viable solution for the double issues – bolstering security and designing mobile-compatible DApps.

The new Tron support feature will turn all APIs of tokens, currently complying with the TRC10 or 20 standards – together with Tron-based DApps – into something available for every owner of a Blockchain Keystore, with the number can reach up to nearly a billion worldwide, based on the total number of Samsung devices users.

Justin Sun – founder and current head of Tron – has previously taken to Twitter to reveal a few hints, regarding the upcoming collaboration between Tron (TRX), and an anonymous “mega-corporation”, which can potentially Samsung. 

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